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Sliding Gear

Internal: Over 100kg
SV-I45 System
SV-I45 System:
Sliding Door System

This is a mechanism for dividers and glass doors with stainless steel fittings, for sliding glass doors of up to 45kg of weight and for glass panes from 6 to 8 mm. Especially indicated for installing showers in bathrooms. The visible stainless steel fittings give the installation a high quality and designer finish and can be mounted on walls or on glass. Also worth commenting is that the door can be situated on a corner and can even be anchored from the ceiling. Of particular interest are the rounded stainless steel profiles, as well as the articulated support that allows a wide range of fitting angles.

SV-I120 System
SV-A45 System:
Sliding Door System with Concealed Tracks

Capable of supporting door weights of 45Kgs this system has a pre-formed double top track in a natural aluminium finish that  is grooved on the outside to allow the pelmet covers to be easily clipped into place and removed if necessary. The pelmet covers completely hide the top track and the rest of the mechanism. The double top track keeps the lateral distance between the sliding doors to a minimum. The top hangers complete with sealed ball race bearings are connected to the glass doors (no drilling required) via high quality glass clamps, and ensure a smooth and quiet sliding action.

SV-X70 System
SV-X70 System:
Sliding Door System

A compact sliding solution for frameless glass panels, combining latest technology with an attractive minimalist design. Quick and easy to install, for domestic and commercial applications where it integrates seamlessly into any design.

Suitable for glass panels of 8-10mm in thickness, and to a maximum weight of 70Kgs, the SV-X70 conceals all of its sliding components within the top track, giving a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

SV-X70 is offered in two top track finishes; Satin Anodised Aluminium and a premium Brushed Stainless Steel Aluminium finish. 

SV-A90 System
SV-A90 System:
Sliding Door System with Concealed Tracks

Solutions for high quality, suspended, frameless, sliding glass doors  90kg panels. Easy Clamp, the most minimalistic solution available thanks to its compact cover. SV-A90 has high-quality clamps with rollers mounted on ball bearings to ensure that they can be used smoothly and silently. Softbrake available for smooth and impact-free closing. No machining of the glass is required.

High quality, frameless, suspended glass sliding doors. Ideal for medium weight (80kg) dividers and doors for home or commercial use

Innovation, development and great aesthetics are reflected in this system that provides a seamless integration of areas, with a bottom guide that is perfectly concealed once the doors are parked, thereby leaving the passage completely free. It also provides the possibility of installing fixed glass panes on both sides of the installation, in order to create areas with plenty of light and depth  with one panel parked to the right and another to the left, 

SF-51 System
SF-51 Exar Timber System:

A timber sliding door system for panels up to 50kg.  A unique type of pivot and roller which can be flush-fitted or raised with a vertical adjustment mechanism and aluminium guides.

P70 Soft Close System:

Systems for sliding wooden doors up to 90Kg

Create unique spaces with our range of essentials, the Saheco basics that are always in style. Essential Timber offers multiple application options to divide rooms and create unique environments. 

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