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Sliding Doors

TOG Automation (TOG Automatic Doors) has been installing and  supplying Automatic Doors to the industry since 2003. We have technical teams that are equipped to do CAD layout drawings for intricate projects.

We  carry spares in our Cape Town factory and we provide a back-up service for any repair or maintenance work required on existing automatic doors

As is the case with all specialized products, an automatic door mechanism must be serviced and maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure proper and safe operation.

All our products are ISO certified.

Face SL4 Drive:
Automatic Door System

ADVANCED DIRECT DRIVE BRUSHLESS MOTOR made in FACE: The Brushless motor works in direct drive on the transmission belt without the use of a gearbox. This epochal technological evolution that substitutes the obsolete and less performant DC gearmotors, with brush commutation, allows the great following results.

System 20: ​
Automatic Door System

The first automatic door system featuring interactive communication, simplified commissioning, intuitive control and greatly enhanced operational safety and reliability.  System 20 covers practically the entire range of applications: single and twin leaf standard sliding doors, elegant two and four leaf telescopic sliding doors, even graceful curved and round sliding doors, angled sliding doors, as well as spacesaving folding doors.

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